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2022-03-19 210
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2022-03-19 166
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2022-03-14 546
Panel Requirements
The PCB supply chain encompasses multiple components, raw materials, and the PCB itself. PCBs and PCB assemblies (PCAs) are often the most technically complex components that are purchased for electronic assemblies and products, and they form the center of an electronic product's universe. The complexity of modern PCBs leads to several challenges for a supply chain management (SCM) team that may b...
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2022-03-14 592
RoHS-lead Free
The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) was set up around 120 years ago in the USA as an independent facility to test the safety of new products and new technologies. Today it has a network of sites around the world focused on product safety. It test products, certifies manufacturers, and produces and updates safety standards across a broad range of industrial and commercial sectors. For printed circuit...
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2022-03-14 127
RoHS-lead Free
Omni pcb will continue to monitor changes and additions for each of these regulatory statues and laws. We have been in contact with our suppliers and vendors regarding RoHS, REACH and Conflict Minerals requirements. All of them have responded with statements of conformance in regard to each. The following information is specific to providing our customers with RoHS compliant products. It outlines...
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2022-03-14 133
Impedance control
For high frequency analogue or digital circuits, it is essential to protect the signals that propagate on the PCB from being damaged. In fact, signals above 100Mhz are impacted by trace impedance which, if not properly taken into account, can cause unexpected errors that are especially difficult to analyse. Luckily, impedance control allows designers and PCB manufacturers to manage the phenomenon....
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2022-03-14 131
Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)
Testing the layer offset with X-ray technology is very important in the manufacture of multilayer circuit boards. X-ray images are the best (and only) way to identify and correct layer displacements in the pressing process. Drill holes in multilayer circuit boards are also optimized using X-ray images. Any minor deviations in the geometry of the circuit board image compared to the geometry of the...
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2022-03-14 119
Electrical Test (E-test)
The electrical test (E-Test) for circuit boards is performed after manufacture. Your circuit boards are checked with a flying probe, or for larger series using an adapter E-Test. The layout is analysed according to the net list (from the Gerber data) for short circuits and interruptions. This is enormously important, because only the E-test detects incorrect and broken conductors. Without E-test t...
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2022-03-14 120
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
The A.O.I. test verifies the finished conductor trace image for deviations from the Gerber data and finds errors that the E-Test may not discover, such as (for example) narrowed, but still unbroken conductor traces. The A.O.I. test is especially important for the following application areas High frequency High power loads High data transmission rates Op-amps with high amplification factors and inp...
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