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Shenzhen Omni Pcb
We are a printed circuit board company, who have offered a state of the art PCB Manufacturing Service for more than 30 years.
We have refined our processes to ensure we can offer the highest quality PCB products in the shortest possible time.
Our attention to quality is where we exceed other PCB assembly companies. Our PCB products are inspected all through the PCB production process to ensure the highest quality printed circuit boards are delivered to you.
Advanced Technology
Strict Quality Control
Advanced Processing And Testing Equipment
High-quality Raw Materials
Fast And Efficient Service Capabilities
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We have professional equipment
We have an information system
International transportation available
Why Choose
Omni pcb?
We Will Provide Value Beyond Savings. Create Solutions to Challenges That Go Beyond Your Expectations.
2009 years
Established PCB manufacturing factory
2011 years
Established PCBA manufacturing factory
2016 years
PCB ASSEMBLY one-stop global business started
2018 years
Integrate manufacturing and component supply chain
2021 years
Brand upgrade, service upgrade, new name omni PCB
Enterprise vision
Enterprise vision

The most efficient one-stop manufacturing service provider

Enterprise mission
Enterprise mission

Our high-quality products and services make people feel happy

Brand proposition
Brand proposition

Professional PCB manufacturer, circuit board manufacturer, quality assurance and punctual delivery

Core values
Core values

Achievement of customers, innovation oriented, integrity and responsibility

brand positioning
brand positioning

Strict adherence to the quality control has led us to the pinnacle of success

of honor

- RoHS-lead Free

Our RoHS compliant boards are produced using laminate materials of varying decomposition temperatures with a number of different final finishes.

- UL Certification

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) was set up around 120 years ago in the USA as an independent facility to test the safety of new products and new technologies.

- Industrial Design

A new design that is aesthetic and suitable for industrial application for the shape, pattern or its combination of products and the combination of color, shape and pattern

- Master of branding

It carries more people's recognition of their products and services. It is a product derived from the mutual running in between brand manufacturers and customers' purchase behavior

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