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Shenzhen Omni Pcb
With an experience of over 30 years old we are seasoned manufacturers of Printed Circuit Board Company offering a state-of-the-art PCBs. At Omni PCB, we have refined our processes to ensure we can offer the highest quality PCB products in the shortest possible time.
Apart from time, the other most important factor for PCB suppliers is quality, which is crucial for our clients, employees’ R&D work, and prototyping. We ensure your PCB will be on your desk as agreed upon and as early as possible.
Our attention to quality is what differentiates us from other PCB assembly companies. Our PCB products are inspected throughout the PCB production process, whether it’s PCB designing, assembly, or 3D PCB printing, to ensure that we deliver only high-quality PCB products to you.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Strict Quality Control
Advanced Processing And Testing Equipment
High-quality Raw Materials
Fast And Efficient Service Capabilities
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We have professional & advanced equipment
We have a cutting-edge information system
We provide International transportation as well
30 Years of Experience  
Clients Served
Countries Served
Why Choose
Omni pcb?
PCB Manufacturing Through The Years Explore Our Company History
We deliver value beyond savings and besides that, we also provide solutions to challenges that go beyond your expectations.
2009 years
Established the PCB Manufacturing Factory
2011 years
Established PCB Assembly Manufacturing Factory
2016 years
PCB Assembly One-Stop Global Business Started
2018 years
Integrate PCB Manufacturing And Component Supply Chain
2021 years
Brand Upgrade, Service Upgrade, and New Name – Omni PCB
We Value Our Team
With an extensive supply chain, talented design team, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and quality control systems, Omni PCB is equipped with exceptional team players that execute every task with utter precision. At Omni PCB, we aim to build a platform for employees’ development and carry out various training sessions, making sure that they can grow together with the company.
We believe in teamwork and strive to be a sustainable, industry-leading company. Our values are community driven and ensure the growth and development of our teams. We have the most curious and diligent employees who want to be pushed to think outside the box and learn to advance with the progress of the company. In addition, Omni PCB has given significant effort to R&D, sales, PCB design, and production teams to enhance their skills and improve their capability.
To affirm that we value our team of highly skilled and experienced employees, Omni PCB works around these morals:
Team Work
The staff and production teams are our most valuable resource, and we always go the extra mile to help them get better, allowing them to grow individually and as collective.
We believe in a corporate culture that incorporates an environment where the staff is treated fairly, with good training, equal competition, and development.
Our team of experts have an eye for detail and conduct regular checks to foster innovation, and improve the overall working and efficiency of the company.
We train our employees to provide exceptional service to our clients, making sure their interests are customer-centered and market-oriented.
With all the advanced equipment and cutting-edge technology, we aim to be most advanced the PCB suppliers and manufacturers.
Insights Of Omni PCB
Enterprise Future
Enterprise Future

To be the most efficient one-stop PCB manufacturing service provider

Enterprise Mission
Enterprise Mission

Provide effective solutions that get you closer to your dreams and make your innovation easier

Brand Proposition
Brand Proposition

Professional PCB manufacturing, quality assurance, and punctual delivery

Core values
Core values

Reliable, innovation-oriented, responsible, teamwork-driven and transparent

brand positioning
brand positioning

Strict adherence to quality control has led us to the pinnacle of success

Our Vision
In order to meet the demands of clients around the globe, we provide an extensive range of PCB assembly and manufacturing services. Yet, our story doesn’t end here because we have plans for the next decade that will make us the best PCB suppliers in Shenzhen.
We have stuck to our commitment and been consistent in catering to every client with high-quality PCB products, on time and according to their needs. In addition, we will always provide customized services tailored to our client’s needs. We ensure to deliver the most innovative PCB designs that work with advanced 3D PCB printing.
Our vision lies in growing and developing Omni PCB with our employees. What we have been implementing for the past 3 decades has already established us as one of the industry-leading PCB suppliers. So, we will continue to work around these standards for future success:
High-Quality First
On-Time Delivery
Customer Satisfaction
Reasonable Prices
Adapting Advanced Technology
of honor

- RoHS-lead Free

Our RoHS-compliant boards are produced using laminate materials of varying decomposition temperatures with several different cutting-edge and final finishes.

- UL Certification

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) was set up around 120 years ago in the USA as an independent facility to test the safety of new products and technologies.

- Industrial Design

A new design that is aesthetic and suitable for industrial application of PCB designs that has the shape, pattern, or combination of products and the combination of color, body, and pattern.

- Master of branding

It carries more people's recognition of their products and services. It is a product derived from the mutual running between brand manufacturers and customers' purchase behavior.

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