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What is a Copper Clad PCB?
2022-09-21 248
A copper clad PCB is a type of PCB that features a copper clad laminate. This laminate is a PCB substrate that plays a significant role in PCB manufacturing. A copper clad board is common in the PCB industry. This is because it offers great features. It is an ideal option for high-frequency applications.   Copper clad laminates are widely used to design copper clad boards. These laminates soa...
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PCBA processing first samples inspection, why is so important?
2022-09-16 232
We can see a lot of various production equipment in the SMD factory, one of the equipment generally does not attract much attention, that is the first sample of inspection instrument. Generally in SMT chip processing, quality and delivery is the most concerned about the majority of customers, in order to protect the quality of SMT chip batch, professional SMT chip processing plant will be the firs...
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Top 5 Best Online PCB Manufacturers Worldwide
2022-09-14 309
PCB manufacturing is a highly sophisticated and technically challenging process. High quality electronic products demand efficient PCB design along with flawless manufacturing techniques. Therefore, to achieve optimum quality, selection of a good PCB manufacturing company is crucial. With the advent of internet, electronics manufacturers are not bound anymore to set up in-house PCB manufacturing f...
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2022-09-08 220
WHAT IS PROTOTYPING? In electronics, prototyping means building an actual circuit to a theoretical design to verify that it works. An electronics designer often builds the first prototype from breadboard or stripboard or perfboard and usually uses them to test circuits. They are generally called prototyping boards.   Prototyping boards have holes to which you affix electronic components to bui...
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