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What is pcb conformal coating and how to paint it
2022-09-05 212
conformal coating painting is a specially formulated coating used to protect circuit boards and their related equipment from environmental erosion. The conformal coating has good resistance to high and low temperatures; its curing into a transparent protective film, with superior insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shock-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, corona resistance and ot...
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What are the problems that cause poor BGA soldering? These PCB design matters needs attention
2022-09-01 251
One-stop PCBA wise manufacturers today to tell you what causes BGA soldering bad problems?PCB design of several common problems. In PCBA processing, due to improper PCB design, often encounter the problem of poor BGA welding. Next Leadjo PCBA on bad BGA welding PCB design of several common problems summarized analysis.     Incorrect PCB design leads to the analysis of BGA welding defects...
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Printed Circuit Boards: Introduction
2022-07-13 321
Printed circuit boards serve as the backbone of all modern electronic devices. A PCB board serves two important functions in an electronic circuit – (1) mechanical support for circuit components (2) electrical interconnection of electronic components. Whether it is mobile phones, laptops, or LCDs, it is impossible to find an electronic gadget that doesn’t have a PCB. Types of PCB Printed circuit b...
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Capability Matrix
2022-06-13 880
Omni Pcb’s Research and Development Department conducts research and development utilizing a wide range of equipment, materials, chemistries, software systems and new technologies as it relates to the manufacturing of the printed circuit board. Our research development utilizes a strategic proactive approach designed to facilitate the growth of the organization. This approach creates and develops...
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