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2022-09-23 10
Five advantages of SMT pcb assembly–what should you know it
SMT pcb assembly  is born with the development of the electronics industry, is with the development of computer application technology, electronics and information technology. SMT pcb assembly can develop at a high speed thanks to its own advantages, the following small Jie brother will introduce some of the advantages of SMT pcb assembly.    1, high assembly density, light weight and small s...
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2022-03-14 248
Turnkey PCB assembly
The term "turnkey" generally refers to any product or service that is sold to the buyer in a form that is ready for immediate use. When applied to PCB assembly, turnkey means that the supplier handles all aspects of PCB solutions, including components procuring and PCB manufacturing, picking and placing components on specific locations on your custom PCBs. In essence, full turnkey PCB assembly giv...
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2022-03-14 163
Advanced PCB Assembly
To optimize customers' expectations on both product performance and ROI of their applications, We started to provide PCB fabrication and assembly service under one roof a couple of years ago. Certificated by ISO9001, TS16949, UL and RoHS, coupled with more than 10 years' experience and over 99% customer satisfaction rate in this industry, We have obtained sufficient high PCB assembly capabilities...
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2022-03-14 163
BGA PCB Assembly
BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays) are SMD components with connections on the bottom of the component. Each pin is provided with a solder ball. All connections are distributed in a uniform surface grid or matrix on the component. Common grids are nowadays: 1.27 mm - 1.00 mm - 0.80 mm - 0.50 mm. With several hundred component connections, the number of „routable" pins is limited per layer. The inner pins of t...
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2022-03-14 192
Components sourcing
With our PCB Assembly business expanding, we added comprehensive components sourcing services to improve our PCB assembly production line efficiency, enable you more time on project engineering and designing. Our Components Sourcing services consist of two options: We purchase parts from leading authorized distributor of electronic components; We purchase parts from your recommended channels; Our...
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2022-03-14 132
SMD Stencil
A surface mount technology (SMT) stencil may also be called a PCB stentcil, solder paste stencil, or laser stencil. An SMT Stencil’s main purpose is to simply transfer the solder paste to a bare circuit board. A stainless steel foil is laser cut to create an opening for each surface mount device on the board. Once the printed circuit board (PCB) stencil is properly aligned with the top of the boar...
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