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2022-03-14 302
BGA Assembly Capabilities
BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays) are SMD components with connections on the bottom of the component. Each pin is provided with a solder ball. All connections are distributed in a uniform surface grid or matrix on the component. Common grids are nowadays: 1.27 mm – 1.00 mm – 0.80 mm – 0.50 mm.

With several hundred component connections, the number of „routable” pins is limited per layer. The inner pins of the BGA can only be connected through a via and routed to another layer > DogBone technology.

If the pitch is even smaller, or if traces between the solder pads are necessary, the via-in-pad technology is recommended: The vias are placed directly into the solder pads of the BGA.

Manufacturer’s instructions must be followed carefully. These define the elementary connection distances, solder ball diameters and the housing geometries. Other technical details such as technology of the vias or trace -width and -spacing will be specified by the designer. For possible parameters check the following tables.
BGA Design proposal
The values given are design proposals, values of component data sheets are always preferable.

*plus 50µm circumferential solder-stop clearance **plus 50µm circumferential solder-stop clearance, please order as IPC 4761 Type VII: Filled & Capped Vias
BGA Design Detail
  • Outer layers

    The values given are design proposals, values of component data sheets are always preferable.

  • Inner layers Fan-Out with 1 track
  • Inner layers Fan-Out with 2 track
  • Inner layers Fan-Out with 3 track
BGA 0.4mm Pitch
The PCB design for BGA with 0.4mm pitch is special production and requires the use of HDI-Technology and Via-in-Pad. Please always consult our technical department.
  • TOP-Side of PCB

    BGA with 0.4mm Pitch Via-in-Pad (Filled & Capped Vias)

  • TOP-Side Detail

    Drill: 0.15mm
    Annular ring: 84.5µm
    Via-Pad: 319µm
    Copper to copper: 81µm

  • TOP-Side solder-stop

    Solder-stop bridge: 51µm
    Solder-stop clearance: 19µm

  • BOT-Side of PCB

    Routing of 0.4mm pitch BGA with maximum parameters.

  • Outer layers

    Drill: 0.15mm
    Annular ring: varying, min. 61µm
    Via-Pad: varying
    Copper to copper: 127µm

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