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2022-10-19 1761
How To Choose The Best PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Looking for PCB assembly and prototype testing services that shorten your time to market without compromising on the quality of service? Omni PCB Technology Limited is a PCB assembly company that provides all end-to-end prototype PCB manufacturing and prototype testing services. We help and support all engineers to assemble their electronic prototypes quickly and efficiently.


In addition, our PCB assembly company performs multiple PCB prototype testing to ensure your circuit board’s longevity. Get an estimate and price list today by connecting with our team.


You may be wondering what makes our PCBs different. Well, to answer that, you need to get familiar with the process of PCB manufacturing.


What goes into the process of prototype PCB manufacturing?

The SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is the most commonly used technique for prototype PCB manufacturing, and in recent years, the number of companies providing these services has increased dramatically. Yet, due to the lack of professional experience, industry knowledge, and quality of materials used, the services provided by these new companies is substandard.


Understanding the PCB assembling method will help you estimate cost and figure out other significant aspects of prototype PCB manufacturing, allowing you to make the right decision.

Here is the process of prototype PCB manufacturing:


Initial Process

  • A 2D barcode is printed on each circuit board to keep track of the changes made and display the current manufacturing stage at all times.


  • The next step is soldering the paste and stenciling the parts on which the components are to be placed.


  • The third step is to check the position of the Surface Mount Device components that the pick and place machine precisely points out.


Intermediate Process & Testing

  • After the initial process is completed, a quick circuit inspection takes place to check the orientation and placement of the components throughout the previous stages.


  • In the PCB assembly process, the following step is called reflow soldering. Here, the circuit board is placed inside an oven, ensuring the hardening of solder paste at a lower melting point. This eliminates the risk of any PCB components getting damaged.


  • Then, another round of detailed inspection takes place where the PCB electronic components are checked thoroughly to determine whether solder joints have any potential defects or not. After that, the checking of Through-Hole components takes place.


  • THT (Through-Hole Technology) components are inserted via automated machines in the next stage. The next step will be cutting technical edges to remove unwanted corners & edges in the PCB.


Final Process & Inspection

  • After all the processes and inspections are done, it is time for the last inspection and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) packaging. Shielding with an anti-static foam ends the ‘assembly’ process of PCB.


  • The only thing left is quality control, the final step before the PCB packages are ready for shipping. The quality control check is conducted via optical and sound testing.


Things To Consider Before Picking a PCB Assembly Company


There are several factors to keep in mind before choosing a company for effective testing of PCB prototypes and the assembly of electronic components.


1. Checking Business Relations

The first thing to look at is if the company has any tie-ups or relations with engineering services or technology-oriented companies. That would assure the company’s overall authenticity, experience, and knowledge.


2. Checking Design Services

Examine whether the company offers DFM (design for manufacturing), DFT (design for testing), or DOE (design of experiments) services. This confirms that the company has successfully developed control action plans and value-added engineering services.


3. Checking Assembly Services

Suppose the company offers prototype testing services with double-sided surface mount assembly and selective soldering of Through-Hole components. In that case, it is concluded that the company has a wide range of electromechanical and SMT assembly systems in place.


4. Checking Testing Services

Circuit wire bonding, in-circuit testing, and flying probe testing are essential for any company that offers prototype testing services and PCB assembly function testing.



What Ensures a High-Quality PCB Assembly?


Checking whether the company is genuine also depends on its certifications, standards, and qualifications. The types of processes that the company follows also play a significant role in determining if it is competent enough to offer high-quality PCB assembly.


  • The company has a secure and fully functioning X-ray detection system


  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI) is performed regularly



  • Complete (100%) PCB assembly and testing are conducted


  • 94v-0 UL certification is a mandatory and most basic requirement


  • IPC-A-610E  & IATF16949 ,ISO9001 are maintained


  • When it comes to quality management systems, check if the company has ISO 9001 certifications


  • The company performs functional tests and ICT online tests


  • The materials used comply with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)


Watch Out For The Red Flags

Not every PCB assembly company will be the right fit for you. It would help if you speculated about the red flags before taking a leap and investing your time and money in a particular prototype PCB manufacturing company.


Time-Consuming Process

See if the company is taking excessive time to complete the assigned project. If they can present a reasonable explanation for the delay, mark the time the company takes to complete the tasks that take a long time anyway.


Unnecessarily High Costs

If the cost of the company offering assembly services seems high compared to the market value, without any added benefits, then consider that as a warning bell. Because paying extra without getting any actual value would be a waste.


Lack of Accountability

It is a red flag if you must go through a lot of hassle to communicate with the company. The updates about your project should be disclosed to you at any cost, as you’re the one paying a pretty penny for the services.



Every PCB assembly company should be able to provide customized services, as it is the job of any prototype PCB manufacturing company to offer the assembly of PCB electronic components as per your needs.



You have already put a lot of hard work, time, and resources into making a design that successfully works according to your needs. Thus finding a PCB assembly company that takes over the entire process without any hassle should be the goal.


Choosing the right PCB assembly company can be challenging, but an experienced company like Omni PCB Technology Limited will be your best bet as we have the experience, tools and skills required to provide quality services on time. From an honest estimate to speedy delivery, you can rest assured that you’ll only get the best with our PCB manufacturing and assembly company.

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