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2022-03-14 778
Components Sourcing
Immaculate Component Sourcing Made Simple Getting the right components for your PCB is the first step towards engineering the product functionalities you seek. Even a small mishap in the process can lead to capital losses, functional asymmetries in the expected & real performance, as well as operational hazards caused by the delay and change orders.

While every enterprise and individual working with PCB understands the risks of inaccurate component sourcing, having a systematic process that assures high accuracy throughout the component sourcing cycle takes extensive expertise, experience, and a network of distributors. We bring all the necessary resources you will need to source the precise components you seek for your PCB manufacturing or assembly operation.

Over years of optimization, we have created a platform that works like a symmetrical engine – the more concise, complete, and consistent your Bills of Materials are, the more accurately we can source components for you. We have developed a proprietary network of distributors across the globe that provide:
  • Precision in terms of functionalities and features you seek from your PCB components
  • Adherence to industry-accepted standards of manufacturing
  • Provide optimal lead-time
  • Value creation at the behest of delivery exactly what you need, within the budget you need

We help you focus on your core operations by deploying our expertise across the sourcing process. From interfacing with distributors to procuring the components, even if you do not possess a dedicated purchase team, we ensure your received quality of components matches your budget and requirements seamlessly.

Sourcing Efficiency Delivered with Every Component
No Minimum Order Quantity
Dedicated Sourcing Team
Tens of Thousands of Components in Stock
Experience-Driven Advisory Across the PCB Sourcing Cycle
Transparency and Traceability of Components
Price Efficiency Attained with the Help of a Global Sourcing Network
Industry-Leading Quality of Components Available at Value-Delivering Prices

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