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2022-03-14 885
PCB price composition
We believe that many buyers are confused by the changeable price of PCB. Even some people with years of purchasing experience may not fully understand the reasons. Because the PCB price composition is complex, it always change with many factors. If Buyers want to get high-quality and low-cost PCB products, they need to have an understanding of the composition of PCB prices. Now, let us take a closer look at the factors that affect the price of PCB: 1. Laminate is an important factor in price composition. First, different copper clad laminate lead to different prices. FR-4, FR-1, CEM-1, CEM-3, Aluminum are common substrates of CCL, and their prices are also different. Of course, different TGs also has different cost. Secondly, the thickness of laminate varies from 0.4mm to 3.0mm,and the copper thickness varies from 0.5oz to 6oz,different thicknesses correspond to different costs. Third, the number of PCB layers will also cause a huge difference in cost.
2. Solder mask and silk screen printing Solder mask and screen printing are additional process steps in PCB manufacturing. The brand and variety of ink used for the solder mask will determine the price. If these processes are added, the PCB price will rise. 3. Different process requirements Different surface treatment processes in PCB production have different prices: Immersion gold has the highest cost, and lead-free HASL, HASL and OSP are cheaper. Other conventional processes also have different charges, such as tin, silver, and gold. Different wiring and impedance control will also affect the final PCB production cost. For details, please check our “SURFACE FINISH” details. 4. Different technical difficulties Even if it is the same material, the same process, the technical difficulty of PCB manufacturing will cause different prices. The aperture is different, the line width is different, and the price is also different, which is related to the scrap rate.
5. Other special requirements Process standards will also affect manufacturing prices. The higher the standard, the higher the price. Common manufacturing standards include IPC Class 2, IPC Clasee 3, corporate standards, military standards, etc. In addition, PCB manufacturers will recalculate the price according to different payment methods. Expedited services usually require additional charges.

PCB price composition is the most complicated in all industries; it needs to be calculated from the costs of materials, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and delivery dates, and any step may cause price differences. Price, delivery time and quality are the most concerned issues of customers. Omni pcb’s professional team will give our customers reasonable suggestions and help them enjoy competitive products at the most beautiful price.

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