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2022-09-14 269
Top 5 Best Online PCB Manufacturers Worldwide

PCB manufacturing is a highly sophisticated and technically challenging process. High quality electronic products demand efficient PCB design along with flawless manufacturing techniques. Therefore, to achieve optimum quality, selection of a good PCB manufacturing company is crucial.

With the advent of internet, electronics manufacturers are not bound anymore to set up in-house PCB manufacturing facilities. With a single mouse click, anyone can now order commercial grade PCBs manufactured by online PCB manufacturing companies. Customers only need to provide PCB design files to the PCB manufacturing company and the rest is handled by the company itself. Getting high-quality PCBs at the most affordable rates was never this easy. In this article we will help you find the best online PCB manufacturing companies in the world.

1: Omni PCB (pcbsupplier.com)

In our list of best online PCB manufacturers, Omni PCB stands at the top. Omni PCB has perfected the art of PCB manufacturing over the course of 30 years. The strict quality control standards and state-of-the-art technology at Omni PCB ensure highest possible quality of printed circuit boards. Despite the top notch quality of its products, the rates are very affordable and delivery times are super fast. Omni PCB offers 24 hour customer support and 99% on-time DHL delivery through its online portal. Omni PCB specializes in flexible PCB manufacturing, rigid-flex PCB manufacturing, copper PCB manufacturing, aluminum PCB manufacturing, PCBA assembly, and standard PCB manufacturing.

If you are looking for an online PCB manufacturing company that can provide high quality PCB and PCBA manufacturing services at affordable rates and fast lead time then Omni PCB should be your first choice.


2: ZF PCBA (zfpcba.com)

Our second pick for the best online PCB manufacturers is ZF PCBA. This company specializes in PCB prototyping, rigid PCB manufacturing, flex PCB manufacturing, Quick turn PCB, and FR4 fire-retardant PCB manufacturing. A detailed list of the services offered by ZF PCBA is provided as follows:

  • PCB prototyping
  • SMT PCB assembly
  • Turnkey PCB assembly
  • Box build PCB assembly
  • Wire harness PCB assembly
  • Single sided PCB manufacturing
  • Double sided PCB manufacturing
  • Multilayer PCB manufacturing
  • Rigid-flex PCB manufacturing
  • Thick copper PCB manufacturing
  • Ceramic PCB manufacturing
  • Iron core PCB manufacturing

ZF PCBA has 15 years of PCB design and fabrication experience. With its strong technical capabilities and quality control systems, ZF PCBA is able to deliver high-quality PCB prototypes and circuits boards. If you are looking for a PCB manufacturer for circuit board prototyping then ZF PCBA is a good match for you. The company specializes in low and high volume PCB manufacturing and therefore caters to the needs of industries as well as hobbyists.


3: Advanced Circuits (4pcb.com)

Advanced Circuits holds the third spot on our list of best online PCB manufacturing companies worldwide. This manufacturer has a cumulative experience of 25 years in PCB manufacturing and is a well known name in the market due to its high quality products. Advanced Circuits is the third largest PCB manufacturer in North America which caters to low and high volume clients alike.

Other than PCB prototyping and manufacturing services, Advanced Circuits offers a number of software tools for its customers such as PCB Artist Design Software and FreeDFM PCB file checking tool. The prominent features of this company include:

  • 100% USA based manufacturing
  • Same day and weekend deliveries
  • Round-the-clock tech support
  • Space and Flight approved

Advanced Circuits also offers free file checks, waived-off tooling charges, and order status tracking features to its customers. If you are looking for a company with excellent quality and extremely fast delivery times then look no further than Advanced Circuits.



JLCPCB is another company worth mentioning when it comes to PCBA assembly and PCB manufacturing. JLCPCB is offering its services in the PCB manufacturing market since 2006. JLCPCB produces roughly 6 million PCB boards annually which is quite an impressive number. JLCPCB is well-reputed for its high-quality, on-time delivery, and competitive rates. Apart from consumer electronics, JLCPCB caters to military, aerospace, and biomedical sectors. With its 24/7 customer support and instant quote feature, JLCPCB is one of the best options for online PCB prototyping, PCBA assembly, and circuit board fabrication services.

5: PCBWay

PCBWay has been in the PCB manufacturing business for over a decade now. Over the course of time, this company has grown into a market leader – thanks to its great quality and excellent customer support. This Chinese PCB manufacturer is known for its cost efficiency, on-time delivery, and responsive customer care. PCBWay offers the full spectrum of PCB manufacturing services including: PCB prototyping, PCB manufacturing, SMT assembly, multilayer PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, metal core PCB, and high frequency PCB manufacturing. For customers seeking reliable and cost effective PCB manufacturing solutions, PCBWay is a great option.


PCB manufacturing is an art as well as a science. Electronics manufacturers are always seeking cost-effective, durable, and fast PCB manufacturing solutions for improving their profit margins and product quality. In this article, we have compiled a list of top 5 online PCB manufacturing companies which are delivering excellent services to their customers. All five companies included in this list are known for their cost-efficacy, fast delivery times, excellent customer support, and high reliability. Nonetheless, Omni PCB is picked as the overall winner amongst the five companies.

With its highest quality standards, fast lead times, competitive rates, and 24/7 customer support, Omni PCB offers the best possible services to its clients seeking PCB and PCBA related manufacturing and prototyping solutions.

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