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Top 5 Best Online PCB Manufacturers Worldwide
2022-09-14 144
PCB manufacturing is a highly sophisticated and technically challenging process. High quality electronic products demand efficient PCB design along with flawless manufacturing techniques. Therefore, to achieve optimum quality, selection of a good PCB manufacturing company is crucial. With the advent of internet, electronics manufacturers are not bound anymore to set up in-house PCB manufacturing f...
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Printed circuit board materials
2022-03-14 211
The primary material used to fabricate PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) is of immense importance. It is essential to consider the performance of the material in terms of temperature resistance, adhesion, tensile strength, flexibility, dielectric strength, dielectric constant, and many other physical, electrical, and thermal factors. The performance and level of integration of the PCB is completely de...
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Metal core PCBs
2022-03-14 118
Metal core or IMS (Insulated Metallic Substrate) circuit boards are an excellent alternative to standard circuit boards, if the circuit boards are exposed to large mechanical loads, or a high level of dimensional stability is required, or high temperatures must be conducted away from power components or LEDs. The thermal conductivity assisted by the aluminium core in the circuit boards enables hig...
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Medical PCB
2022-03-14 237
The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) business has expanded its irresistible and beneficial influence due to the ongoing growth in the tech world and its use in various sectors. Its impact on the world of electronics in recent years has beyond all predictions, with IoT devices, smartphones, computers, AI, and more. Now, PCBs are transforming medical equipment and overcoming gaps between a patient and a...
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2022-03-14 115
As PCB technology has continued to evolve, it has paved the way for the creation of a host of exciting product innovations. A prime example is the development of the PCB for LED lighting. The LED is soldered to the circuit board and features a chip that produces the light when electrically connected. A thermal heat sink and a ceramic base are used to bond the chip. An LED PCB board tends to genera...
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2022-03-14 121
High density interconnect PCBs are a way of making more room on your PCB to make them more efficient and allow for faster transmission. It's relatively easy for most enterprising companies that are using printed circuit boards to see how this can benefit them. High density interconnect (HDI) PCBs represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the PCB market. Because of its higher circuitry densi...
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Thick-copper PCBs
2022-03-14 108
An increasing number of power electronics products are taking advantage of a growing trend in the printed circuit board industry: Heavy Copper and EXTREME Copper Printed Circuit Boards. Most commercially available PCBs are manufactured for low-voltage/low power applications, with copper traces/planes made up of copper weights ranging from 1/2 oz/ft2 to 3 oz/ft2. A heavy copper circuit is manufactu...
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High-TG PCBs
2022-03-14 128
High-Tg PCBs are ideal to use in high-temperature requirements (>170 degree Celsius). Tg or Glass Transition Temperature defines the temperature limit for the proper working of PCB. To put it simply, the working temperature of the PCB should always be less than the Tg(glass transition temperature) value of the substrate. Tg affects the molecular weight, crosslinks, and flexibility of the polymer u...
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High-frequency PCBs
2022-03-14 121
In electronic devices that send and receive signals like mobile uses High-frequency PCB, this PCB can be used for transmission of radio waves, microwaves. The operating frequency for this board is from five hundred Mega-Hertz to two Gigahertz. To get a high value of frequency from this board such materials are used that fulfill the characteristic for a high-frequency generation. So the strength of...
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Flexible PCBs
2022-03-14 107
A Flex PCB or FPCB is a patterned arrangement of printed circuitry and components that utilizes flexible based material with or without flexible coverlay. These flexible electronic assemblies may be fabricated using the same components used for rigid printed circuit boards, but allowing the board to conform to a desired shape (flex) during its application. FPCBs are used widely in everyday technol...
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Rigid-flex PCBs
2022-03-14 113
Rigid Flex PCB Fabrication Applications Rigid flex printed circuit boards are boards using a combination of flexible and rigid board technologies in an application. Most rigid flex boards consist of multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates attached to one or more rigid boards externally and/or internally, depending upon the design of the application. The flexible substrates are designed to b...
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Aluminum Printed Circuit Board
2022-03-14 116
Aluminum PCB consists of a dielectric metal base with a bonded copper circuit layer to create superior heat transfer to help cool components while eliminating problems associated with managing fragile ceramics. Omni pcb works to be the best aluminum PCB manufacturer when it comes to exceeding all customer expectations. We provide a wide range of electrical and thermally conductive interface pads,...
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